Scenarios and user stories for Marja Ivanovna: before and after

Before using our dashboard:

Scenario 1

There was a Saturday evening. Marja Ivanovna was bored. She wanted to see her daughter Tania and her grandchildren: Sasha and Misha. Marja Ivanovna decided to call them. As the phone call is too expensive and her relatives have already bring her a computer, she decided to look at Skype: is they are online. She could not find her notes about login and password, so she felt upset. She turned off the computer and returned to the phone call to ask the login and password to talk by Skype.

Scenario 2

Marja Ivanovna wants to go for a walk tomorrow morning, but she don’t know the way how to dress. She needs a weather forecast for tomorrow. She turns on the radio and sitting in her chair and waiting when the DJ will tell the weather for the week. She spends too much time for it, but the weather forecast for a week was an hour ago, so she didn’t hear it. And now she don’t know the weather for tomorrow.

Scenario 3

Marja Ivanovna wants to know the world news. She bought a newspaper in a corner store, but when returned back home she noticed that her newspaper is old. And she thought, that it will be better to use the internet to get a fresh news and don’t buy a newspapers.


Marja Ivanovna turns on a computer. The computer launches the dashboard, which includes Skype, weather forecast and fresh news, which are in a quick launch and which is easy to find for Marja Ivanovna. Skype is already logged in, forecast is for this week and the news is also for this month. She doesn’t need to find her notes or call her daughter to know the password, wait for the weather forecast on the radio or go to the next corner store to buy a newspaper.


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