Scenarios and User Stories for Misha

User scenarios

Scenario 1. There was a Friday evening. Misha got a call from his grandmother. She can’t use Skype again, because she lost her notes about login and password. He thought about any kind of simple software, which he could install to his grandmother’s computer and forgot about calls like “how to fix it”, “how to open it” and “how to find it”.

So, he come to his grandmother and install EasyDashboard. He customize it for his grandmother’s needs: she said that she don’t want to look for her notes every time she wants to use a computer.

Scenario 2. There was a Saturday morning. Marja Ivanovna called Misha to ask him to find a description of her medicine. He thought, that he need to add the search function into her dashboard. But Misha was at the vacation at Rome, and he can’t come to her and customize it right now. So, he opened the dashboard’s remote panel and customize it through the Internet. After that, Marja Ivanovna can easily find everything she want.

User stories


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